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Yale Digital Keypad Locks

Looking to upgrade your home security with digital keypad locks? Here at FA Locksmith in Raleigh, we want to make 2024 the year our clients not only feel safer, but also enjoy all the conveniences of smart technology at their home or office.

Let’s review some of the best digital keypad locks on the market right now!

Yale Assure Lock 2® Line

The Assure Lock 2 Series contains some of Yale’s most advanced smart locks yet. And because this collection includes a variety of different options, you’re bound to find a lock that perfectly fits your needs. While they differ slightly in terms of functionality and convenience features, all of the locks in the Yale Assure Lock 2 collection have Grade 2 locks, making them ideal for residential entry doors.

Yale Assure Lock 2

This is the standard option in Yale’s Assure Lock 2 Collection with an easy-to-use keypad. It can also be unlocked with a physical key, auto-unlock or the Yale app. Need to grant access to a guest? The Yale Assure Lock 2 allows you to share access codes with visitors, so that you don’t have to worry about leaving a spare key or being on site when your short-term renters arrive.

This model is compatible with Apple Homekit, but will need to be upgraded to work with Amazon and Google Home. You can also purchase an additional module for remote access.

Yale Assure Lock 2 Touch

The Lock 2 Touch is similar to the standard model, but features a touch screen instead of a keypad as well as a fingerprint reader. These upgrades make the Touch about $40 more on average than the base model.

Yale Assure Lock 2 Plus

Finally, we have the Assure Lock 2 Plus. This is the most technologically advanced of the three models in the Assure series, as it can sync with your iPhone or Apple Watch for completely keyless entry. Like the Lock 2 Touch, it features a modern touchscreen, but it does not have the fingerprint ability or a physical keyhole.

The Plus also offers remote access and scheduled access for temporary guests.

Price for the Yale Assure Lock 2 Series

The Yale Assure Lock 2 Line ranges from $159 for the most basic model to $350 for the Lock 2 Plus. Each model comes with the standard Bluetooth connection or a Wi-Fi module that increases the price, but offers more functionality. In the pictures below you can see an example of installation we did on a residential home.

The Yale Assure Lever

Looking for a lever handle lock for the front door of your office, garage, side door, or storage closet? The Yale Assure Lever Keypad Lock is a great option. It features a lot of the technical capabilities of the Yale Assure Lock 2 Series, such as auto-unlock, access sharing, and compatibility with Apple HomeKit. And, it can be upgraded to use with other smart home devices, as well.

How to choose the right digital keypad lock for your home

With so many good options on the market, you might be wondering how to narrow down your choice to just one. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when looking for a digital keypad lock:

  • Keypad versus touchscreen. While touch screens may be more expensive and modern-looking, not everyone prefers them. Some of the downsides include the extra step of activating the touch screen, and having to remove winter gloves to enter the code. If you like the feel and convenience of a keypad, stick with the original Yale Assure Lock 2.
  • Keyed versus keyless. Deciding between a lock with a backup key or a completely keyless lock is another personal preference. If you’re the kind of person who might forget your code or forget to change out the battery, having a spare on hand might be a good option for you. In this case, you’ll want to stick with the Yale Assure Lock 2 or Yale Assure Lock 2 Touch.
  • Compatibility with your existing smart home system. From Alexa to Google Home to Apple Home, not every lock will be instantly compatible with every system. At purchase, the Assure Lock 2 Plus will work with your Apple Home. All models can be upgraded for other smart platforms like Google Home and Amazon Alexa.
  • Remote access. Remote access can be a beneficial feature for anyone who wants to control their lock from afar. Maybe you have a guest visiting or run a short-term rental out of a second home. In either case, you’ll want to be able to lock and unlock your home without physically being there. All of the Assure Lock 2 options can be accessed remotely, but only when they are Wi-Fi compatible. The Bluetooth options cannot be accessed remotely.

FA Locksmith can help you find your digital keypad lock

Still have questions about which keypad lock is right for you? Or, need a pro to help with installation? FA Locksmith is Raleigh’s go-to for easy, secure, and fast installation of your new digital keypad lock!

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