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Mortise Locks

As a business owner, you want to make sure your locks are made to withstand everything from normal wear and tear to an attempted break-in. But, there are so many different kinds of security systems on the market, it can be hard to know which one is the most reliable.

Mortise locks have been around for well over a hundred years, but our team here at FA Lock still consider them to be one of the best designs for office and front business doors security. So, whether you have a retail shop in Raleigh or a warehouse in Cary, this style of lock might be ideal for your Raleigh NC business. Let’s talk about what sets them apart.

Mortise Lock Design

If you’re looking at a closed door, you might not be able to tell the difference between a mortise lock and a cylindrical lock. Both styles use a knob or lever and a keyhole, passcard, numerical code or fob to open the door.

But, when you open the door, you’ll notice that the faceplate of a mortise lock is large, usually about 5 to 8” tall.

What you’re looking at is really the tip of the iceberg. Within the door is where the mortise lock hardware is stored. And if you were to take the lock out of its housing, you’ll see that they tend to be larger and heavier than cylindrical locks. Inside of the metal exterior of a mortise lock, there is a system of springs and levers that allow the lock to engage and disengage.

Benefits and Uses of a Mortise Lock

So, what exactly makes a mortise lock so desirable for commercial settings? Here are a few of its key characteristics:

  • Strength. A mortise lock is protected in part by the door that surrounds it. But it’s also made of a durable metal casing that protects its internal workings.
  • An extra line of defense against picking. Any lock that uses a pin tumbler, including both mortise and cylindrical locks, can be picked. But mortise locks tend to be more difficult and therefore less appealing to potential intruders..
  • Durability. Mortise locks usually fall into the Grade 1 category because of how they stand up to attack, but also because they can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Potential Drawbacks of Mortise Locks

Mortise locks may be reliable and strong, but they’re not without their own disadvantages, including:

  • A more difficult installation. Mortise locks require a more involved installation process because of their unique design. Even if you already had a mortise lock in the door, most of these types of locks are not universal, meaning that our locksmiths may have to cut new holes to accommodate the new one.
  • They can’t be installed on all doors. Mortise locks require heavy, durable doors of a certain width to be able to house the lock case.
  • Repairs need to be done by a pro. If you’re experiencing issues with your mortise lock, a DIY video is probably not going to help you. Instead, you’ll need a trained professional who can remove and open the lock case to assess and fix the problem.

Smart mortise locks

Mortise locks may be a traditional design, but they’ve kept up with the times by incorporating smart technology. Whether you’re looking for a keyless entry for your staff or a keycard system for a hotel, smart mortise locks can offer a more convenient and reliable security system.

Best Mortise Lock Brands

When looking for a mortise lock, it’s best to stick with the most common brands. As we mentioned before, mortise locks aren’t as universal as cylindrical locks. So, it’s best to stick with a well-known brand that will give you the most options in the case you want to upgrade or change your locks later on.

Some of the most popular mortise locks on the market are made by Yale, Premier Lock, and Schlage. You’ll generally find locks by these brands for somewhere between $50 and $250, depending on its grade and design.

Cost of Mortise Lock Installation and Repair

Once you’ve ordered a mortise lock, you may wonder how much it will cost to install and maintain it.

Installation, for one, can cost anywhere between $100 and $500 depending on whether the mortise lock needs a new housing or contains smart technology that needs to be programmed.

Repairs and maintenance of your mortise locks will depend on the specific problem you’re having with your security system. But, in general, you can expect to pay somewhere between $50 to $200 to repair your mortise lock.

FA Lock can help you upgrade your security with a mortise lock!

We work with businesses all over Raleigh NC to install, repair, and upgrade mortise locks. So, no matter your questions about these types of locks or others, give us a call at FA Lock!

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