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Night latch lock for schools in Raleigh NC install by FA Locksmith (11)

Although you hope to never have to use them, there are some locking devices that give you peace of mind. The Nightlock door security device is a great example. It can be used to keep intruders out of your home or office, or during a shelter-in-place emergency.

Let’s talk more about how these devices work and whether they might be appropriate for your Oakwood, North Hills, Falls River, Cary, Durham or other Raleigh NC property.

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What is a Nightlock door security device?

A Nightlock security device is a door-mounted metal jammer that can be engaged in the event of an emergency or anytime that you want to be sure that your door lock is reinforced.

There are a few different variations of this device depending on whether it will be mounted onto an outward-swinging, inward-swinging, or sliding door. But, with all designs, a strong aluminum arm holds the door in place, preventing anyone outside from being able to kick, ram, or pull open the door.

Another key characteristic of this type of device is its strategic placement. It is mounted at the base of the door to prevent an intruder from being able to break the door window and disengage the device.

Are Nightlock devices and night latches the same thing?

When it comes to emergency security, you want to make sure you’re buying the right product. So, what is the difference between Nightlock and a night latch lock?

Nightlock door security devices are door barriers that have been designed specifically to brace against intrusion attempts or active shooter scenarios, either in residential settings, workplaces, schools or hospitals. Night latches, on the other hand, are a style of surface mounted latches that can be opened or closed with a key. These devices use a latching system instead of a barricade to provide security, and they are more commonly used in the UK than in the US.

Why are Nightlock devices preferable to simply locking the door?

There are a few reasons why a Nightlock device may come in handy instead of relying only on the door lock:

  • The intruder may have access to a master key or bump key. When keys fall into the wrong hands or an intruder has a way of picking or bumping the lock, this kind of door device can serve as an extra line of defense.
  • There’s a window on the door. If the door has a window, an intruder may still be able unlock the door by breaking the window and accessing the doorknob.
  • Double cylinder door knobs. Some commercial settings and school districts use a double cylinder door knob that must be locked and unlocked with a key from both sides. In the case of an emergency, you can lose valuable moments locating and using the key. A door security device is mounted and clearly labeled on the door so that the lock can be engaged quickly and easily.

How much do Nightlock devices cost?

Nightlock offers a range of door security devices to cover many different kinds of commercial and residential settings.

No matter what model you choose, each door blocking device will cost less than $100. Most range between $40 and $80.

How are Nightlock devices installed?

Installation of these door jamming devices is simple and quick. But, when it comes to emergency security devices that must follow building codes, we always recommend that you have a licensed locksmith oversee the project. Call FA Locksmith to help you choose the right door device for your Raleigh location.

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