Broken Key Extractions

Broken key removal services are available throughout the Triangle and surrounding areas including Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Cary, Garner, Knightdale, Morrisville, and Holly Springs

You might be unable to start your car, enter your home or place of business if your key breaks off in a lock or the ignition. Self-help attempts to address such a situation may cause more damage than good and may necessitate more costly repairs or replacements. All hope is not lost if this occurs to you.

The experts at F.A. Locksmith have the knowledge and equipment necessary to quickly and safely recover a damaged car key without causing any harm to your car. Once the key has been pulled, we may also provide you with a fresh, functional car key so you can go back on the road. Call us at any time, day or night, and let us ease your tension!

Call F.A. Locksmith at (919) 849-3070 for assistance, or use our online form. Our locksmiths are available and can arrive in a timely manner.

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How Can a Car Key Get Lost Inside a Lock or Ignition?

Although they are strong, car keys can still be broken. Unfortunately, a key can snap with little effort. If your key breaks in the middle of the night in a new location or during a bitterly cold winter, your bad luck may only become worse. Even if you have a spare key, it won’t be useful because the broken piece will be jammed in the slot.

When a key is placed into a lock or ignition, it may break for a variety of reasons, including

  • General deterioration throughout time
  • Water inside a lock that might have frozen due to the cold
  • Using undue force when handling the key
  • Small fractures in the key
  • Extreme weather fluctuations
  • Lack of lubrication on the key
  • Lock debris accumulation that prevents the key from moving

Whatever the cause, you need assistance right away. When you contact F.A. Locksmith, you can be confident that we will reply quickly and act urgently to assist you.

Customer Testimonials

Taehlor Gibson
Taehlor Gibson
September 14, 2022

This was the quickest/smoothest experience I have had in regards to car maintanence! Charles was an absolute delight while repairing my ignition switch and made sure I was taken care of in an adequate amount of time.

Akash Singh
Akash Singh
February 14, 2023

Charles was quite swift with the entire process and had great taste in music.

Reliable Broken Key Extraction Services Across Knightdale, Wake Forest, Holly Spring & Surrounding Areas

FA Locksmith technician made 2 new Ford keys

Our locksmith employs specialized tools created especially for extracting broken keys for broken key extraction procedures. The broken component can be removed securely using these tools without endangering the lock. Always leave the removal of your snapped-off keys to professionals. We are skilled at what we do and will quickly find a solution.

Due to our accessibility, F.A. Locksmith is one of the most dependable locksmiths in the region. Keep our number close at hand in case you need assistance right away because you never know when your key will malfunction and leave you stranded.

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