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Has there been a recent break-in or employee turnover at your company? Secure your company by hiring a qualified locksmith to install high-quality commercial locks. To safeguard your money, property, stock, and critical information from trespassers and unauthorized workers, we may install a powerful lock.

Master rekey cylinders for commercial locks
Master rekey cylinders for commercial locks

We will work with you to acquire the setup your business needs to protect your possessions, from gate locks to individual office locks.

Our installation of business locks services

Commercial lock and exit device installed on a wood door in Raleigh
Emergency exit device installed

At F.A. Locksmith, we are aware of how important it is for businesses to take the necessary safeguards to make sure their valuables and assets don’t end up in the wrong hands. Our skilled locksmith uses the best locks and cutting-edge technologies to help you safeguard your valuable goods from unauthorized trespassers. In addition, we can rekey or change any existing locks you currently have to match the new ones.

We offer a variety of lock installations, such as:

Code Entry Locks / keypad locks

Keypad lock installed by FA Locksmith
Keypad lock installed by FA Locksmith

Utilize cutting-edge technology to safeguard your company with high-security locks that demand the insertion of a predetermined code on a keypad. You and authorized workers can easily unlock your company’s doors with a few button presses.

Remote Entry Locks

If you want locks that can be opened without a key, this kind of lock system turns your smartphone into a key. You and authorized staff members can quickly unlock and lock doors using a specialized app. In comparison to a traditional key or keycard, smartphones are less likely to be misplaced or forgotten, which increases their usability and dependability.

Biometrics and Fingerprint Locks

We can use locks that require biometric credentials to properly identify authorized employees allowed to visit rooms and unlock doors to provide an extra layer of protection. To acquire access, this may entail fingerprint, facial, and iris scanning.

Traditional Key Locks

FA Locksmith rekey locks services in Raleigh NC
FA Locksmith rekey locks services in Raleigh NC

We can install a classic key lock constructed of robust materials that are far more difficult to break than an average lock if you’d like a simpler setup. Intruders will find it more difficult to enter without being discovered if a strong security system is used in conjunction with a modern lock that is built to last.

Finally, remember that all types of locks can be installed with key control option and/or high security version cylinder.

Customer Testimonials

DaKota Branham
DaKota Branham
October 15, 2022

Long one. Strap in. I wish I could remember the name of the smith that assisted me. Dude is an absolute legend. I lost my BRZ key with no spare. After a call to the dealership and a quote for a few thousand I decided to check around. He was able to get into my car quickly, with no alarm. Knew the system inside and out. At first no dice with the key (only takes oem), but he found one. A perfect match. It went from a huge problem to peace of mind in a matter of minutes. And the best part, their keys come with a fairly lengthy warranty. Very professional, very quick, highly recommended. You really can’t go wrong here.

Luis Navas
Luis Navas
September 9, 2021

Very reliable worth the price you pay for it! I definetly would recommend it!

Reasons to hire a specialized locksmith to install commercial locks

We understand that organizations are constantly looking for ways to increase revenues and cut costs, so you might be tempted to handle the lock installation yourself. DIY projects have their benefits, but they shouldn’t be attempted while installing a high-security lock, for example.

Choosing F.A. Locksmith to professionally install your commercial lock has several advantages.

  • Tools and expertise: Not having a lock at all is almost as bad as having a lock that is badly installed. Since starting its operation in 2016, F.A. Locksmith has installed locks for a wide range of businesses in Raleigh and the surrounding areas. You can trust that we will install a business lock correctly every time.
  • Enhanced security: By installing high-quality locks that will endure for a long time and give you more safety and protection than your old lock system, we make hiring a locksmith worthwhile.
  • Advice from the experts: When you employ us, we don’t just install a lock and disappear; instead, we work to make your business even more safe. We’ll go over the best lock alternatives for your business with you and let you know the advantages and disadvantages of each so you can choose wisely. To better protect your company, we can even offer recommendations for additional security services.
  • Developing a relationship: We want you to trust us for more than just the initial installation. You can count on us to be there for you if you ever experience a lockout, security issue, or anything else in the future.

Contact Us Right Away if You Need a Commercial Lock Installed

It pays to have a trusted locksmith on your side in a world when businesses are more susceptible to thieves and vandals than ever. Businesses in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Chapel Hill, Durham, and other nearby cities depend on F.A. Locksmith for prompt installations of high quality and transparent pricing.

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