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High security car keys replacement

Ever wonder what makes your BMW, Mercedes, or other high end car key unique? These prestigious brands put so much care into every design feature that it makes perfect sense that their keys would also be top-of-the-line.

Of course, our auto locksmiths at FA Locksmith know that working with these keys requires an extra level of expertise and training. So, let’s talk about how we go about duplicating, replacing, and fixing high end car keys for our clients here in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.

Luxury brands use the latest technology

All modern cars, whether high end or not, use smart technology in their car keys and fobs. And luxury brands take that technology to the next level. With sophisticated programming, these keys are able to offer more features, such as higher security, keyless entry, and ignition from afar.

Different brands also offer their own unique features. Volvo, for instance, offers the Care Key which can program certain keys to control the maximum speed limit of the car, to keep teen drivers safe. Another example of brand-specific key features would be the Jaguar Activity Key, which acts like a waterproof smart watch for when you don’t want to carry your key or fob with you. Mercedes Benz has their own system in which you can use both an app to lock, unlock and start your car from afar plus a Keyless Go fob for a backup security measure.

As you can see, because each luxury car brand is constantly stepping up their technology to be more competitive on the market, locksmiths must also keep up with the latest trends and advances. This not only requires us to be continually learning about how these devices work, but we also must be updating our car key programming software to keep up with the changes.

Not all locksmiths have the equipment to duplicate high security car keys

When your local locksmith cuts and programs a new key for your car, they’ll use a coding machine that interacts with your car’s central operating system. Most of these coding machines cover standard car brands like Ford and Toyota. But locksmiths often have to invest more into machines that cover luxury brands, as well. That’s why you may have a local locksmith who can duplicate keys for one of your cars but not for your BMW or Mercedes.

Some luxury brand cars only work with certain local locksmiths who have the coding equipment for their car keys. As a car owner, this gives you the peace of mind knowing that there are fewer people with the capability to duplicate your high security car keys. 

Is it possible to order a universal car key and program it yourself?

You may see blank car keys for sale online claiming that they are compatible with Audi, Vovlo, Jaguar, and other luxury brands. But as we mentioned before, what sets high end car keys apart isn’t only the technology in the key but also how it interacts with your car’s operating systems.

There are two road-blocks, then, to duplictaing a car key yourself. For one, there’s a good chance that the universal car key you purchased may not actually be compatible with your make and model. In other words, sellers are able to include many brand names in their marketing but whether the universal key or fob will be the right match for your model is another question.

Second, as we mentioned, programming a new key requires a coding machine. These machines are several hundred (sometimes several thousand) dollars. For these two reasons, we always recommend that you call us as your local auto locksmith before making any purchases. We have experience working with many different models of high end cars and can help you find the most affordable car key replacement as well as oversee the programming for your new set.

Getting a spare for your luxury car

As auto locksmiths, we recommend to our clients to invest in a spare key for their luxury car. This can save you a lot of time and money in the case that you’ve misplaced your car key around the house or want to share your car with multiple members of your household.

But, it’s important to know that many luxury brands limit the amount of spare keys their operating system will allow. Give us a call and we’ll let you know what is possible in terms of spare keys for your car.

Make FA Locksmith your first call for all your luxury car key needs

Just because you have a high end car doesn’t mean that you have to pay dealership prices anytime you need a new key or fob. Give us a call at FA Locksmith with your make and model and we’ll get you your spare or replacement key fast and at a lower price than your nearest dealership. We are Raleigh’s go-to auto locksmith for luxury brands including BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Volvo, and more!

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