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Access control systems are the most effective security step you can use to increase the safety of your company. An access control system gives you the freedom to grant and deny access as you see fit, removing the need for actual keys as a security measure.

In the Greater Triangle region, F.A. Locksmith creates and installs access control systems for both residential and commercial buildings. Keycard access, digital codes, and biometric scan systems are just a few of the access control systems that our specialists can implement.

Our crew has the skills and experience to competently manage all installations and repairs, whether you wish to build an access control system that requires a key code, a magnetic swipe card, a fingerprint scan, or even retinal identification.

The following properties gain from having access control systems:

  • Homes
  • Retail stores
  • Medical facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Government offices
  • Multi-family housing
  • Schools and universities

This is not a complete list. Regardless of  your type of property, you can rest easy knowing that only invited guests are allowed inside.

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Erin Weidenhof
Erin Weidenhof
February 19, 2022

So worth it. Delivers quality work. Efficient and well executed. Highly recommend, legit awesome!!

October 11, 2022

Very professional and responded to our request very fast! Excellent service! Highly recommend

The Advantages of Access Control System Installation

Regardless of the size of your house or business, installing an access control system increases security and guarantees that only those with the proper credentials and authorization are permitted to enter and exit. This list of advantages can persuade you to switch if you are still unsure whether to invest in such a security solution.

Eliminates the need for conventional keys

Physical keys may be the traditional method of locking rooms and buildings, but access control technologies can effectively alleviate their numerous shortcomings. For instance, you will need more locks and keys the larger the building. Too many keys can be difficult to manage and run the danger of being duplicated or getting into the wrong hands. These issues can be resolved using access control systems.

Simple to set up and operate

With the help of this system, you can easily manage who has access to what parts of your house or place of business. With only the push of a button, you may quickly and easily deny someone access. You can provide greater clearance to whomever you want, and key cards and key codes can all be programmed and deprogrammed.

Spend less and work less.

Because they are so efficient, access control systems can help you avoid spending money on security guards and locks. No security guard will be required to confirm that only authorized people are present. Access control can also be used to connect lighting, cooling, and heating systems, saving you money on energy costs. When authorized individuals enter and depart a space, lights and air conditioning may turn on and off.

Get precise information about entrances and exits

This data-driven technology can track who entered and left the building and when. You’re not restricted to taking someone’s word for it or relying on eyewitness testimony. As unauthorized personnel will quickly stand out and be disallowed entry, this information also safeguards against unauthorized visitors.

Increased security overall

The long-term advantage of access control systems is that you can update credentials, add additional access cards, and make adjustments as needed to improve security without disrupting regular business operations as your facility or organization expands. Your property or business may easily meet all of its security requirements thanks to computerized access and administration that are also scalable.

Installations of Reliable Access Control Systems for Buildings in Durham, Holly Springs, Garner, and Surrounding Areas

To achieve high-quality security, you must entrust the installation of your access controls to a skilled specialist. When you get in touch with F.A. Locksmith, we’ll arrange for an access control system installation specialist to come to your home and consult with you carefully to develop the highest level of security system possible for your requirements. We offer clear, upfront pricing so that you are aware of your whole cost before we begin. For your building, don’t accept anything less than the best security.

Call (984) 213-2133 or enter your contact information online to get started with an access control system installation in Raleigh.

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