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Car Key Replacement in Raleigh

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Chances are your car keys are one of your most important possessions. If you were to break or lose them, you’re losing your primary means of transportation. No matter how much people try to be cautious of their car keys, millions are lost annually, resulting in thousands of dollars in replacements. Breaking, losing, or locking your keys in your car is a serious matter and requires the speedy response of a specialist automotive locksmith. At F.A. Locksmith, we have the skills and experience to meet your car key replacement needs.

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Tips to Prevent Losing Your Car Keys

Most people take their car keys wherever they go, but even with this close attachment, they can still get misplaced. Losing them can be especially problematic if you don’t have access to a spare. 

To lessen the chances of losing your keys and going through the stress of tracking them down, follow these handy tips:

  1. Attach your keys to something substantial, like a lanyard or a keychain. This will make it tougher for your keys to be left behind or forgotten.
  2. Avoid leaving your keys on a table or counter, whether at home or when you are out. You could easily forget where you placed them, and they may be swiped up by someone else. Always keep your keys attached to you or your belongings with a clip.
  3. When you are home for the day, store your keys in the same place every time. Always changing the storage location can be confusing. 

While these tips may help you to keep better track of your keys, no matter how careful you are, your car keys can still end up lost, damaged, or stolen. Going to your car’s dealership for a replacement can be time-consuming and expensive. Locksmiths are a quicker and more affordable alternative because we come to you when you need us.

“Matt went above and beyond to make sure that she was satisfied and took his time to make sure service was top notch.” - Dennis Ward.


Car key replacement is one of our most popular specialties. Our licensed locksmith has the training, tools, and experience to create, program, and duplicate keys so they work just like the original. We are always researching and keeping up with the latest technological advancements so we can sufficiently replace keys for any car.

Some of our replacement services include:

  • Transponder key replacement: These keys have a computer chip inside the key fob that sends a signal to the vehicle’s onboard system. We can create and program these keys to effectively open your doors and start your car.
  • Laser-cut key replacement: For added security, we can use advanced laser cutting equipment to create high-quality keys that are hard to duplicate.
  • Key fob replacement: Key fobs have functionalities that make it convenient for you to lock and unlock your doors, pop the trunk, set the car alarm, and more. If your fob is lost or damaged, we can replace it. If you purchased an after-market key fob, we can help you program it for your vehicle.
  • Broken key extraction: If your key broke off inside your lock, we can efficiently extract it and replace your key quickly.

Whether you need to replace a traditional car key or a modern transponder key, we have the tools to make your replacement as fast as possible.

Reliable Car Key Replacement in Raleigh, Durham, Wake Forest, Chapel Hill, & Beyond

As frustrating and stressful as losing a car key may be, when you call F.A. Locksmith, we can make a major emergency feel like a minor inconvenience. Our customers value how quickly we respond to calls, our open availability, and our honest and straightforward pricing. When you need car key replacement services fast, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Dial (919) 849-3070 or fill out our simple online form and F.A. Locksmith will be at your location in less than half an hour.

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